UltraSlim® stimulated lipolysis is the process where a special patented type of light passes through the skin tissue and into adipose tissue to stimulate the fat cells. The fat cells receive the signal as a sign of starvation or an otherwise necessary energy release. This causes pores in the cell membrane to open and release the fat, then it is removed with your waste.
The typical patient loses an average of 3.5 inches at their first treatment. Totally transform your body with as few as 6 treatments!
It’s slightly warm and very pleasant. The light is positioned over your body several inches away, never touching you. Many patients fall asleep during treatment.
No! UltraSlim® has no pain, no discomfort, and no downtime.
Ask your doctor what will be best for you. Each body is different and your UltraSlim® provider will create a treatment plan based on your individual needs.
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