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No matter how hard we try, there are always areas that resist diet and exercise. Don't wait another day for the problem to solve itself.


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Why risk death or disfigurement with liposuction or a tummy tuck? UltraSlim offers a safe, effective, permanent alternative to lose more fat and at a lower cost -- with no surgery, no anesthesia, no scars, no pain, no drugs, and no downtime.


Cellulite affects 90% of women, regardless of weight or fitness.  Now there is real help!


Guaranteed, or your money back.


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Since 2010, UltraSlim has served thousands of customers in central Florida with all of the latest red light and green light technologies from America and Europe.  UltraSlim is now the exclusive Cellulize provider in Florida:


With red light therapy, you can effectively target the stubborn areas. The rapidly flashing red light tricks the mitochondria in the nucleus of the fat cells into creating small transitory pores in the fat cells. These temporary openings will close in 48 to 72 hours and are part of the body's natural detoxification system and protects our body in times of hunger. During that time, the contents of the fat cells drain into the interstitial space between the cells. From there, the fatty acids and triglycerides are drained by the lymphatic system and voided naturally. And with Cellulize, you can dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite.


UltraSlim is the latest and most powerful red light therapy available.


Developed in 2011 by a NASA scientist and a leading Zerona provider, UltraSlim produces dramatic, immediate results and is the most effective technology on the market. Lose two inches or more of fat the first hour with UltraSlim, while dramatically improving the appearance of your skin.  Money-back guaranteed.


Two new studies show that women average losing 3.5" at their first visit, men average 3" lost from mid-section.


Two New Randomized Studies Compare Zerona and UltraSlim

In one study of 30 randomly selected patients from four UltraSlim locations, everyone lost at least 2" and 68% lost more than 3" at their first visit.  The average loss was 3.4" in the first 32 minutes.


In a study of 80 randomly selected patients from four sites from 2012-2014, the average loss was 3.4" in 32 minutes.  Fully 98% lost more than 2" and 66% lost more than 3" at the first visit.


In a study of inch loss with Zerona, using the same measurements and forms, manufacturer Erchonia found an average loss of 3.5" with Zerona with seven office visits over a three-week period.


Click here for a full-copy of the report.



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